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Why Use a Surrogacy Agency?

Why Use a Surrogacy Agency?

Whether you are an intended parent or a prospective gestational surrogate, the journey you are considering should be filled with joy but will also include the inevitable challenges of any pregnancy. Moreover, everyone involved – including the baby-to-be – is vulnerable to issues most laypeople need considerable assistance just to understand. A good surrogacy agency […]

Military Wives and Surrogacy: Service at Home

Gestational surrogacy and the military community have long had close ties. Many career service members consider surrogacy when starting their families, as pregnancy can interfere with overseas deployments and the military lifestyle. On the other hand, it’s very common for military wives to become a surrogate themselves because of the wonderful opportunity it presents. Why […]

Repeat Surrogacy: What to Know

Many women deeply value giving others the gift of childrearing so much that they wish to become a surrogate once again to help more intended parents fulfill their dreams of parenthood. However, you may wonder whether repeat surrogacy is a good idea and if there are any added benefits in doing so. What Are the […]

A Surrogacy Agency is Crucial for Legal Services

A surrogacy agency doesn’t just help match intended parents and surrogates. Both the medical and the legal aspects of the surrogacy process itself are very complex and can be extremely difficult to navigate without an expert guide. Moreover, it’s important to realize that the legal side of a surrogacy arrangement is absolutely vital to ensure […]