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If you’re looking for a surrogacy agency in Los Angeles, California – or anywhere else – you’re hardly alone. Gestational surrogacy offers all types of couples and individuals the ability to personally experience the conception and upbringing of a healthy and happy child of their own. The process utilizes cutting edge medical science and is highly effective and safe. However, it is far from simple and it can often be extremely challenging to navigate all of the medical and legal issues involved with this method of conception. At Global Surrogacy Services LLC., we are here to facilitate a gestational surrogacy experience that is positive and fulfilling for all parties – intended parents, surrogates, and their respective families.

Surrogate Mother

Want to become a surrogate? Global Surrogacy Services LLC. is always looking for exceptional women between the ages of 21 and 38 who are interested find out more about gestational surrogacy.

Egg Donor

Egg donation is one of the very few ways that a woman can earn some serious money while also doing a good turn for others. At Global Surrogacy Services, we are able to pay our egg donors…

Intended Parents

Becoming a parent can be a challenge for a great many people. Intended parents who explore a gestational surrogacy program as a means of having children of their own come from all backgrounds…

Deciding to be a gestational surrogate is one of the most thoughtful and caring choices a woman can make. Here at Global Surrogacy Services LLC., we understand that having a child is never a simple matter under any circumstance. That’s why, along with providing the absolute best possible medical care and support, we also make sure that all of our surrogates are appropriately compensated. Many of our surrogates credit their time as a surrogate as a genuine growth experience that also has given them the wherewithal to move their lives forward in a very positive way. Of course, surrogacy is not for every woman. Candidates need to be between 21 and 38 years of age and live in a state where gestational surrogacy is legal. They also must have given birth in the past and be currently raising a child. Both for the surrogate’s own health and wellbeing as well as that of the child, Global Surrogacy Services LLC. will conduct a thorough information gathering process to assure that a surrogacy candidate is a good fit for this very special challenge.

People turn to a gestational surrogacy agency in Los Angeles for all kinds of reasons. Many clients are men and women who have been trying for years to have offspring on their own, but who have been thwarted by a medical issue. Others are LGBTQ couples who are seeking to have children that are truly their own. A few are individuals with the desire and means to care for a child on their own.
At Global Surrogacy Services LLC. we are here to guide intended parents through every step of the gestational surrogacy process. We work with the finest OB/GYN specialists and other superb medical personnel, first-rate lawyers, and a team of outstanding professionals who are here to provide our clients with a full plate of services. From the moment intended parents first meet with us, to their first get-together with their gestational surrogate, to the joyful moment when a baby of their own enters the world, our clients are provided with the sensitive and compassionate assistance and counsel they need throughout the conception and birth of the child – and well beyond that.

Thanks to numerous scientific and social advances, more and more members of the LGBTQ community are now successfully having children of their own through gestational surrogacy. Global Surrogacy Services has made working with LGBTQ intended parents a cornerstone of its commitment to helping all kinds of people grow their families and experience the joys of parenthood. While laws vary between U.S. states and from nation to nation, we have found that the road to parenthood experienced by our LBGTQ clients is, for the most part, similar to what our cisgender heterosexual clients experience. Global Surrogacy Services is committed to helping intended parents of all orientations navigate the often lengthy and complex medical and legal path to parenthood. From ensuring that surrogates are thoroughly screened and a good fit for the intended parents, to making sure that the best ob-gyns are caring for babies and their surrogate moms, to seeing that all legal issues are fully addressed, we are here to provide the kind of compassionate, knowledgeable guidance that intended parents of all preferences and gender identifications need.

The main reality that sets gestational surrogacy apart from traditional surrogacy is whether or not the surrogate has a genetic connection to the baby. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate provides her own egg, which makes her the biological mother. In these cases, the surrogate is very often a relative or an extremely close friend. When it comes to gestational surrogacy, however, there are no genetic ties between the surrogate and the child. The embryo is formed through the process known as in vitro fertilization (IVF) using the egg of either the intended mother or an egg donor, and with sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor. At present, gestational surrogacy is most commonly used as there are fewer emotional and legal complications involved in the process by avoiding a genetic link between the surrogate and child. At Global Surrogacy Services LLC., we exclusively handle gestational surrogacies.

Busy and successful people are highly motivated and can make the time it takes to have children of their own through gestational surrogacy. However, it’s easier and more pleasant if they have comprehensive concierge support to help them manage all of their important priorities. A VIP concierge at Global Surrogacy Services can help intended parents take care of everything from travel and lodging arrangements, to finding the right nannies and support staff, to suggesting and organizing recreational activities and entertainment options, as well as making sure that family members and pets are attended to. We understand that well-off and high profile individuals have special needs, including maintaining their privacy and security and dealing with careers that are not only highly demanding, but which may often require them to be away from home. We understand that VIPs are a highly diverse group with highly individual requirements, and we provide highly customized services to see to those needs. At Global Surrogacy Services, we are here to make sure that all of concierge VIP clients are as relaxed as possible, while also working to ensure the best possible gestational surrogacy outcomes

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