Gestational Surrogacy and the Military Community

Global Surrogacy Services is always reaching out to women in the military community who are interested in becoming surrogates. Just as United States servicemembers of all genders put themselves on the line every day for the safety of all of us, we’ve found that civilian women in the military community – spouses, partners, and others – have the same kind of commitment and desire to be of service in terms of helping intended parents to have children of their own.

What We’re Looking For

At Global Surrogacy Services, we’re looking for a few good moms who fit the following criteria:

Additional information about requirements for prospective surrogate moms can be found on this page.

What Surrogate Moms Can Expect

We understand that it takes a very special kind of woman to perform the unselfish act of bringing a child to term, and we cherish the qualities that make this possible, especially when it comes to members of the military community who give so much on a daily basis in so many ways. Women who become surrogates with Global Surrogacy Services can expect the following:

The act of bringing a child to term has special challenges of its own and requires a great deal from any mother, and the care and compensation we are able to provide is very well deserved. Our former surrogate moms have often used their compensation to improve their own lives and those of their families in many ways, using it for everything from educational expenses to buying a car.  For further details on health and compensation, see this page.

What to Do to

Get Started

There’s no reason to wait to get started. Just read the information and fill out the questionnaire on this page. You can also reach out by calling the phone number above or visiting our contact page. If you’re ready to start exploring whether becoming a surrogate makes sense in your case, we’re always delighted to hear from you.