Screening Surrogates: What Intended Parents Should Know

If you’re an intended parent considering gestational surrogacy, you\’re likely wondering just who you can trust with the responsibility of bringing your child into the world. In some relatively rare cases, there may be a close friend or family member who has volunteered to bear the child as an act of love and friendship. Even then, however, you will still need to make certain the volunteer is physically and mentally capable of performing this enormously meaningful task.

In most cases, however, intended parents must rely on someone they don’t currently know – that’s when many intended parents realize that, for them, using an agency may be essential. Agencies like Global Surrogacy Services are here to help ensure that every intended parent’s child gets the best surrogate mom possible.

The Screening Process

Gestational surrogate screening is likely the single most important function we perform at Global Surrogacy Services. Our work begins with constant outreach efforts to find the kind of wonderful people who are willing to consider becoming a surrogate.

Once we have found prospective surrogates, our next job is to do everything we can to ensure that they are suitable for the task. We do this not only to protect the welfare of infants and intended parents but also for the health and happiness of surrogates. These special people deserve only the best, regardless of whether or not we decide to include them in our roster of surrogates.

People who want to become surrogates may apply via our website as well as by phone. Our process includes:

  • A Detailed Questionnaire
    Screening for prospective surrogates with Global Surrogacy starts with our online surrogate questionnaire. It is designed to screen applicants based on several criteria. Requirements include living in a state where surrogacy is legal, being an appropriate age, having given birth without complication, and currently having a child at home. This last qualification helps to ensure that the surrogate will be able to go through the process without undue psychological stress in the postpartum period.
  • Health Evaluation
    We conduct a battery of health tests on all applicants. This includes testing for potentially harmful recreational drugs, including nicotine, and checking for any signs of substance abuse that could be a problem, such as excessive alcohol consumption or opioids.
  • Psychological Evaluation
    The process of childbirth can be a challenge for the hardiest moms so it’s important to ensure that every prospective surrogate is up for the emotional and psychological stresses associated with the task. We employ top-tier mental-health professionals to confirm that surrogates are capable and also to provide important help if any issues occur during the journey
  • Home Visits
    “Trust but verify” describes our approach to screening surrogates. During these visits, we ensure that the information applicants gave us on their paperwork is correct while also making sure that prospective surrogates live in a healthy and stable environment. This includes ensuring that no one living with a prospective surrogate is a smoker or indulges in other habits that could harm the surrogate or an unborn child.
  • Criminal Background Checks
    We are painstaking in our research verifying that prospective surrogates have no significant legal problems or arrests in their past. This includes background checks at the local, state, and federal levels.
  • Insurance Clearance
    For everyone’s welfare, it is essential to assure that the surrogate is fully covered.
  • Obtaining Legal Services for the Surrogate
    Gestational surrogacy remains highly complex in legal terms, so it\’s crucial to ensure that counsel is available to all parties. When intended parents live outside of the United States, the services of an international lawyer will be required.
  • The First Meeting
    Each gestational surrogacy arrangement is different. In all cases, it’s crucial to ensure that both intended parents and surrogates are completely comfortable with that arrangement. This includes the degree of contact between the surrogate and the intended parents throughout the process of conceiving, carrying, and delivering the child.

In cases where intended parents and surrogates want to have an active relationship and perhaps stay in touch after the child is born, it is also obviously especially important that the parties have a good rapport. In many ways, our work at Global Surrogacy Services has an element of matchmaking to it.

Global Surrogacy Services for Your Parental Journey

The medical, legal, psychological, and logistical sides of an intended parents’ journey can be incredibly complex. The truth is that most of us may not have the knowledge and time to handle the process appropriately. If you are an intended parent who is ready to begin their journey, we strongly suggest looking into how an agency like Global Surrogacy Services can help you to expedite the process successfully.

Please reach out by using the phone number on your screen, via our chat feature, or by visiting our page on how to become an intended parent. You can also reach out by visiting our contact page.

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