Why Use a Surrogacy Agency?

Whether you are an intended parent or a prospective gestational surrogate, the journey you are considering should be filled with joy but will also include the inevitable challenges of any pregnancy. Moreover, everyone involved – including the baby-to-be – is vulnerable to issues most laypeople need considerable assistance just to understand. A good surrogacy agency is your bridge to medical and legal professionals who will ensure all parties are protected.

Screening Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates

As they learn about how to become intended parents, people are inevitably concerned with finding appropriate gestational surrogates and ensuring that they are up to this hugely important task. Regardless of who the prospective gestational surrogate is, they should be screened for health issues and must be reliable, with no disqualifying legal skeletons in their closets. The same goes for intended parents in their relations with a prospective surrogate. In most cases, the parties do not know each other, so it’s essential to have an honest broker to ensure all parties are responsible and acting in good faith.

Importantly, most reputable agencies will only accept surrogates who have previously delivered children without complication and still have at least one child at home. They must also live in a state where gestational surrogacy is legal. For everyone’s good, psychological screening will be provided to ensure the surrogate is ready for the experience of being a gestational surrogate. At the same time, intended parents are screened to ensure that they will be serious about the process and will meet all of their obligations.

A Medically Safe Journey for Surrogate and Baby

There\’s nothing more beautiful than bringing new life to the world, and most childbirths end with all parties better off for the experience. However, we all understand that having children always involves some risk. The only way to manage that reality is to obtain the best medical care possible.

From the point of view of intended parents, surrogates, and the baby-to-be, the most important benefit of working with a reputable agency may be that it helps to ensure that superb medical care is available at all times before, during, and immediately after the pregnancy.

Medical care also includes mental health support as needed. For surrogates, but also for intended parents in more subtle ways, the birthing process involves both hormonal changes and emotional ups and downs. Surrogates and intended parents alike are encouraged to reach out for support immediately if they find themselves dealing with unexpected mental or emotional difficulties. When excessive stress is dealt with swiftly, it is good for the surrogate, the intended parents, and the baby.

A Legally Safe Journey for All

Protecting the rights of all parties is essential and therefore so is the selection of the right kind of legal support. The difference between an agency and laypeople contracting with lawyers or paralegals on their own is that the agency has experience working with a long list of legal professionals. A good surrogacy agency knows who will be best for the task and how much work will be needed, ensuring that the process is effective and efficient in terms of both time and expense.

Outstanding legal support becomes even more essential in cases where intended parents come from nations or US states where surrogacy is not legal. Appropriate legal counsel that is fully qualified to practice in a particular state or is expert in international law is an absolute must.

Choosing an Agency

As we’ve said before, your choice of an agency is hugely important whether you are an intended parent or learning about how to become a gestational surrogate. It’s essential to make sure any agency you consider is reputable. Two words of advice:

  1. Be careful if statements on their site directly contradict other sites and experts in the field.
  2. As with any product or service, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

About Global Surrogacy Services, LLC.

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