Surrogate Pay: Considerable Benefits for Unmatched Generosity

Gestational surrogacy represents an act of giving that is nothing short of priceless.

Surrogate pay and benefits, on the other hand, are tangible. The investment of time and effort that surrogate mothers must make to give the gift of children to loving families is extraordinary and requires a special sort of woman. As such, a generous compensation package is allotted to surrogate mothers, many of whom use their compensation to finance significant life milestones, such as placing a down payment on a home, financing education, or purchasing a new car.

Additionally, surrogates receive truly exceptional medical care from the start of the screening process and through the aftermath of the baby’s birth. Even women who ultimately do not go on to become surrogates have benefitted by catching important health concerns early that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. Those who do become surrogates will receive first-rate medical care throughout their pregnancy and recovery from the best OB/GYNs, nurses, and other medical staff. Moreover, an outstanding agency’s staff work around the clock to make sure surrogates are well taken care of from both physical and psychological standpoints.

How to Become a Surrogate

Women between the ages of 21 and 38 who wish to become surrogates must pass a rigorous medical and psychological evaluation to prove they are healthy and well enough to become pregnant and produce a healthy child. Surrogate mothers must have previously given birth without complications and must currently be raising a child in their home.

For more information, applicants can reach out to Global Surrogacy Services via the contact form or through the number on this page.

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