Protecting Your Rights as a Gestational Surrogate

If you are a prospective gestational surrogate and have been following U.S. news recently, you are likely aware of some controversy around surrogacy. While surveys show that a large majority of people across religious and ideological lines support surrogacy, the most frequently discussed issues align with religious and spiritual matters. Some critics, however, have alleged that the rights of gestational surrogates are under threat.

It’s only natural and appropriate for prospective surrogates to be concerned about their rights as individuals. If you are considering surrogacy, there is no better insurance against issues than working with a highly reputable agency to protect your rights. Everyone willing to help others build families of their own deserves outstanding surrogate health and compensation and that’s largely the responsibility of a reputable surrogacy agency.

At Global Surrogacy Services, we understand that we are literally nothing without our outstanding roster of gestational surrogates. Therefore, nothing is more important to us than the welfare of both surrogates and the babies they bear. Ethics aside, we have every reason to insist on the finest treatment for surrogates; maintaining our reputation is essential to our livelihood.


By acting as an intermediary, agencies exist as much to protect the rights of gestational surrogates as those of intended parents and their children. While you may be aware of what’s involved in gestational surrogacy screening, we also look into the backgrounds of intended parents.

Intended parents need to know that prospective surrogates are living healthy lifestyles and are generally up to the task of bearing a healthy child; it’s equally important for surrogates to know that intended parents are operating in good faith and that medical support and compensation will be provided without question. Global Surrogacy Services creates a wall of safety for all parties.

While some intended parents and their surrogates might think they can benefit financially from “cutting out the middleman,” the truth is that for surrogates or intended parents to work with people they have recently met online or elsewhere is like playing Russian roulette with their respective futures. Arrangements entered into without appropriate precautions can become enormously costly and emotionally devastating.

Going through the thicket of legal and medical hurdles needed to ensure the surrogate and baby’s well-being and safety requires knowledge and experience. It’s essential to have the help of excellent legal and medical specialists, but you also need the help of people who understand how to work with them to achieve the best outcomes.

An Agency is Your Advocate

Imagine a close relative is in ICU. The more you know about the loved one’s condition and the more you know about medicine and health in general, the more effective you can be as their advocate and the more likely you will be to notice anything wrong if nurses and others are not paying close attention. Similarly, people who often work with lawyers and who have become savvy about legal issues can better ensure that the attorney is doing everything possible on their behalf.

Unfortunately, highly educated professionals in medicine and law don’t always appreciate suggestions from their patients or clients. They forget that, while they are the experts in medicine and the law, their patients and clients are the #1 authorities on their own bodies and legal situations. Even mostly well-intentioned professionals can use confusing, highly technical terminology that may subtly intimidate the people they’re presumably working for. Without even meaning to, they can make their patients or clients feel ignorant and afraid to ask questions.*

Our team at Global Surrogacy Services is extremely knowledgeable about family law, fertility medicine, and ob/gyn treatment. This allows us to act as fully informed advocates of surrogates, intended parents, and children as we liaise with both legal and medical professionals. This can save time and prevent unnecessary legal or medical work.

At all times, we are fully committed – and fully incentivized – to ensure that gestational surrogates’ medical and legal rights are as safe as those of our intended parents. Having as many happy former and current surrogates, as well as having an enormous number of loving families who we’ve helped grow happily, is our most important calling card.

Become a Gestational Surrogate the Safe Way

To learn more about how to become a surrogate the safe way with Global Surrogacy Services, fill out a form or give us a phone call. Our friendly and caring team is here to help answer any questions you may have.

* Fans of classic British comedy might recall the sketch from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, in which an understandably apprehensive patient asks her overbearing ob/gyn what she should do as she goes into labor: “Nothing. You’re not qualified!”

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