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Gestational Surrogacy Screening

Women who wish to become gestational surrogates are special individuals who are motivated by the very best intentions. Even so, gestational surrogacy screening is crucial to ensure that applicants meet the necessary criteria to make sure they are physically and psychologically ready for the significant and challenging task of bringing a new life into the world.

Below are the key steps of the screening process all applicants must go through before Gestational Surrogacy Services can add them to our surrogate roster. Please note that all of the information we gather will be kept completely confidential.

The screening includes:

  • Complete medical evaluation, including testing for drugs and nicotine.
  • Telephone interview in which we provide information about the overall surrogacy process, and discuss the applicant’s background and interest in become a gestational surrogate.
  • Psychological evaluation.
  • Criminal background checks at the county, state, and federal levels.
  • Home visit and evaluation to verify that the surrogate meets our criteria and is living a healthy lifestyle, as well as for gathering information about the surrogate’s needs and values.
  • Obtaining insurance approval for coverage.
  • Routine monitoring throughout the gestational surrogacy journey to ensure a safe and satisfactory outcome.
  • Obtaining the assistance of an international lawyer with long time surrogacy and egg donation experience.

Our Approach to Screening

Global Surrogacy Services is committed to performing thorough evaluations that at all times respect the privacy and needs of our prospective surrogates. The process is designed as much to protect surrogates as the interests of children and intended parents. The truth is that relatively few women really can or should be a gestational surrogate and those who are not accepted by us should nevertheless feel proud of their willingness to help other people in this very intimate way.

Next Steps

For detailed information about our criteria – and also to take your first steps on your surrogacy journey — please read our Surrogate Requirements Page. To take the first step, either click the “Become a Surrogate Mother” button at the bottom of the requirements page or click here. You can also reach us by phone at the number at the top of this page.