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Infertility: A Public Health Issue Deserving Awareness

Infertility affects millions of Americans across all backgrounds, which is what National Infertility Awareness Week seeks to publicize. From April 19-25, the weeklong campaign brings understanding to the struggles and stigmas that intended parents may face while building their family. It’s a widespread issue that has many causes and denies too many families the ability […]

Surrogacy Services Women Trust Worldwide

Global Surrogacy Services is known everywhere as the agency women contemplating surrogacy can trust for outstanding support; let us be your pathway to a truly beautiful experience as a surrogate. That’s an important choice, because, very obviously, the experience of being a gestational surrogate is life-changing. It’s not a job for just any woman and […]

Helping LGBTQ Families Find the Right Surrogate

Choosing a surrogate is a highly intimate matter for any intended parent, but for LGBTQ families and individuals, the process may require an additional measure of diligence.  Of course, great strides have been made in recent years towards public acceptance of both LGBTQ families and the gestational surrogacy process. However, it’s still the case that […]