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VIP Concierge Services

It’s no surprise that VIP concierge services are extremely popular among our busiest and most successful clients. Here at Global Surrogacy Services, we understand that bringing a new life into the world is never a simple process. Moreover, the medical and legal complexities of the gestational surrogacy process can add to already busy schedules in ways that can be difficult to manage.

Our concierge services for VIP intended parents are designed to provide additional support that will help our clients experience the joy and fulfillment of parenthood without any undue stress and strain. We also aim to foster a healthy sense of relaxation along the path to parenthood.

Concierge Services

Our VIP concierge is available to help with a great many tasks and issues that intended parents may face. These include:

  • Scheduling appointments with doctors, lawyers, and others
  • Making travel arrangements, including international travel
  • Performing HR services in terms of selecting home nurses, nannies, cooks, personal trainers, housekeepers, etc.
  • Finding appropriate long-term housing, when needed
  • Setting up pick-up and delivery services for prescriptions, laundry, groceries, take-out meals, Fed/Ex, etc.
  • Contracting security service, when needed
  • Facilitating international communication (setting up virtual online meetings, including technical support)
  • Arranging car services and other transportation to and from appointments and meetings
  • Suggesting local golf courses, gyms, yoga studios, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities and making arrangements for visits, as well as scheduling appointments with golf/tennis pros and personal trainers.
  • Organizing small social events, assistance with correspondence
  • Setting up pet care services, including veterinarians, sitters, and dog walkers
  • Organizing relaxing activities during breaks in a travel schedule, i.e., making spa appointments, arranging in-home massage therapist visits, suggesting entertainment options and obtaining tickets, suggesting tourist destinations for out of town visitors, making restaurant reservations and arranging transportation.
  • Translation services for international clients
  • Personal shopping services

Obtaining VIP Concierge Care with Global Surrogacy Services.

Global Surrogacy Services is here to facilitate every aspect of the gestational surrogacy process, from organizing the necessary medical and legal steps for intended parents, to screening potential surrogates, to ensuring that all parties are comfortable and satisfied. Clients who opt for our VIP Concierge package will enjoy complete care and outstanding, truly personalized, service.

If you are an intended parent who is interested in learning more about Global Surrogacy Services, please call us at the phone number above. You can also reach out to us over the Internet by visiting our contact page.