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Thinking About Surrogacy Requirements

Becoming a surrogate mother is obviously a very big decision. Women who elect to become gestational surrogates are giving the immense gift of parenthood to couples and individuals for whom standard reproduction is not in the cards. Women who are interested in doing this are truly special people. However, it’s obviously something to take very seriously. When the Global Surrogacy Services teams formulated our surrogate mother requirements, we created a number of criteria that were crucial for a wide range of reasons. Some are strictly medical or legal in nature. For example, you need to be a US citizen over 21 years and under 38 years of age, and you need to be a resident of a U.S. state where surrogacy is legal.

Some requirements are weightier. You need to have carried out a successful pregnancy and have at least one child at home. This tells our team a great deal about how prepared you are to have a comfortable pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. To protect the surrogate’s health and the health of offspring, we check for things like past illnesses, healthy weight and height ratios, healthy home environments, and more.

That healthy home environment is why we conduct a home visit to make sure you are in a stable, supportive atmosphere with access to transportation. A positive healthy lifestyle is essential and, while this is rarely an issue in our health-conscious age, we have to make 100 percent sure that substance abuse of any type is not going to be an issue.

You probably think you can meet these requirements, but still don’t be too sure gestational surrogacy is the right choice for you. Carrying someone else’s baby is a special commitment, and one reason we insist on having our surrogates be parents with a child at home. Gestational surrogates are women who have to demonstrate a type of generosity that not everyone can manage.

If you take a serious look at our requirements and feel like you’re physically and emotionally ready, you can start out by filling out our Become a Surrogatequestionnaire. If this is something you really want to do, we really want to hear from you.