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Global Surrogacy Services is known everywhere as the agency women contemplating surrogacy can trust for outstanding support; let us be your pathway to a truly beautiful experience as a surrogate. That’s an important choice, because, very obviously, the experience of being a gestational surrogate is life-changing. It’s not a job for just any woman and you don’t want to choose just any agency.

In some ways applying with us is not completely different from applying for any other type of employment; you want to make sure your employer will be a good fit for you and, naturally, the employer wants to make sure you can do the job. With surrogacy, however, the stakes are higher because it involves your health as well as the health of a new baby. At Global Surrogacy Services, we take the responsibility for the wellbeing of all parties extremely seriously and that’s why we employ a number of basic criteria for becoming a surrogate.

What we’re looking for is a woman between the ages of 21 to 38 who has given birth previously with no complications, and who also has a child at home. For obvious reasons, surrogates must be in very good health and have no history of substance abuse or smoking. A surrogate also needs to live in a healthy environment which definitely includes living in a nonsmoking environment. Lastly, those who are considering becoming a surrogate must pass a physical and psychological screening. We want to make sure you can go through the process safely and with the best possible outcome for both the child and you. Surrogates are very special women – it’s not everyone who is both physically and psychologically ready to help others achieve their dream of becoming a parent.

If you are selected as a surrogate you will receive financial compensation which many women use to make important purchases, go back to school, or otherwise improve their lives. Based in the Los Angeles, California area but with a global scope, we also make a point of ensuring that our surrogates and the intended parents they help are a good match. Everyone has their own special story and the surrogacy process is a situation where everyone involved needs to feel comfortable.

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