Surrogacy Services for Intending Parents: How it Works

Outstanding surrogacy services for intending parents give the gift of a child’s love to those who are unable to bear children on their own for any reason. At Global Surrogacy Services, we are animated by the belief that any responsible loving couple or individual with the necessary resources should be able to experience the wonders of starting or growing their own family in the safest and most appropriate manner possible.

Global Surrogacy Services provides complete support to help our clients get over the many medical and legal hurdles that lay on the path to parenthood via gestational surrogacy. For those who may be unclear about how this type of surrogacy differs from traditional surrogacy, in gestational surrogacy the surrogate provides none of the genetic material – both the eggs and the sperm come from the parents-to-be or elsewhere. At the heart of our service is a medical technique you’ve likely heard of called in vitro fertilization. With IVF, a donor egg is supplied from either the intending mother or a third party before being implanted in the surrogate mother’s womb.

Why Global Surrogacy Services

We employ only the most advanced technology and best medical and legal practices. Intending parents, as well as prospective surrogates, should also know that we employ an extremely thorough screening process for our surrogate mothers, evaluating their physical, emotional, and psychological ability to perform this very special task. This ensures the most fulfilling experience and the healthiest possible outcomes for everyone involved, including the surrogate.

Get in Touch

Global Surrogacy Services is based in the Los Angeles area but we provide services on a worldwide basis. We encourage any intending parents or prospective surrogates seeking additional information to give us a call at the number on your screen or visit our contact page.

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