Infertility: A Public Health Issue Deserving Awareness

Infertility affects millions of Americans across all backgrounds, which is what National Infertility Awareness Week seeks to publicize. From April 19-25, the weeklong campaign brings understanding to the struggles and stigmas that intended parents may face while building their family. It’s a widespread issue that has many causes and denies too many families the ability to naturally experience the wonders of pregnancy. At Global Surrogacy Services, we have helped countless couples and individuals struggling with infertility start a family of their own.

The Causes are Many but Solutions are Available

Infertility causes are wide-ranging and impact members of all different cultures, sexual orientations, body types, and more. While some factors may be controllable, many more causes of infertility are completely random and occur in individuals living otherwise healthy lifestyles.

Unfortunately, myths about infertility tend to bend the truth or are entirely false. This misinformation does a great disservice to those suffering from infertility by belittling the issue and denying its prioritization by lawmakers and scientific researchers. By raising infertility awareness, more resources can be devoted to finding solutions for the problem and giving intended parents better support from a legal system that is not always easy to navigate.

Thanks to medical advances, issues with infertility do not mean the end of the road for individuals hoping to have children. Gestational surrogacy allows intended parents to have biological children of their own via medical assistance. Using in vitro fertilization, an egg is fertilized outside of the biological mother’s womb before the embryo is placed into the surrogate mother’s uterus where pregnancy can essentially progress naturally from that point on.

What We Do

At Global Surrogacy Services, we match intended parents with potential surrogates while also providing expert legal, medical, and if applicable, concierge services throughout the pregnancy. Surrogacy has helped countless intended parents struggling with infertility have children and Global Surrogacy Services is proud to be part of that achievement as well as bringing awareness to the issue during this national campaign. We wholeheartedly encourage intended parents looking to start their families to reach out to us to see how we can best help.

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