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Helping LGBTQ Families Find the Right Surrogate

Choosing a surrogate is a highly intimate matter for any intended parent, but for LGBTQ families and individuals, the process may require an additional measure of diligence.  Of course, great strides have been made in recent years towards public acceptance of both LGBTQ families and the gestational surrogacy process. However, it’s still the case that many of our intended parents of differing orientations are justifiably concerned that some potential surrogates, or their close family members, may harbor attitudes that could create issues later on.

Here at Global Surrogacy Services, the screening of prospective surrogates goes beyond simply ensuring that women are physically and psychologically up to the task. We make a careful evaluation of their overall lifestyle and perspective so we have the information we’ll need later on to match them with our intended parents. We always go all out to ensure that all parties are comfortable with each other and the terms of the arrangement.

Nevertheless, as with any relationship between people, matching an intended parent with a  surrogate is not a black-and-white matter and every situation is different from every other situation.  For example, while some parents prefer a largely arm’s-length and/or temporary relationship with a surrogate, many parents want a closer connection with their child’s surrogate. In these  cases especially, matching the parents and the surrogates is something like a matchmaking process.

In all cases, a crucial part of the process is a face to face meeting between the intended parents and the prospective surrogate, typically in a social setting.  This gives all parties a chance to get to know each other, and intended parents a chance to really get a feeling for the kind of person who will be bearing children on their behalf. LGBTQ parents in particular can use these meeting to ensure that their surrogate is not only friendly to their orientations, but truly comfortable with them as individuals – and that the positive feelings are mutual.

Of course, that’s only part of the story. To find out more, we welcome intended parents of all orientations to get in touch with by phone at the number above. You can also reach out to us electronically through our contact page.