Gestational Surrogacy and the Military Spouses

Women from all walks of life become gestational surrogates. Even so, a very large number of women from the military community have provided the gift of life for hopeful intended parents. In fact, it’s been reported that even though military servicemembers make up less than 1% of the U.S. population, 15-20% of the nation’s surrogates are military wives.

Why Military Wives Make Great Gestational Surrogates

Knowing servicemembers’ strong values and commitment to their families and country, it’s no surprise military wives make outstanding surrogates. There are many reasons, including the following:

  • They are family people. Within the military community, families play an important role. Knowing how life-changing it can be to start a family, servicemembers can empathize with those who feel as though their life is not complete without a child or family of their own.
  • They often have kids of their own. Part of the criteria for serving as a gestational surrogate is that the candidate has to have already given birth to at least one child. As military wives tend to have children of their own when compared with other professional communities, they meet one of the most important surrogacy requirements.

How Military Spouses Can Benefit from Becoming a Surrogate

It’s not just intended parents who benefit from military spouses serving as gestational surrogates. Military wives also receive both internal and external rewards for their sacrifice.

  • Sense of duty. Servicemembers make great sacrifices to serve their country and providing someone with the gift of life is a way for military wives to give back to their community in a different way.
  • Becoming a surrogate for someone unable to start a family of their own can bring a great sense of fulfillment and, depending on the circumstances, a lasting bond with intended parents.
  • Serving in the military is a sacrifice in more than one way. Financially, it can be difficult for military families to earn a salary that allows for a lifestyle free from financial worries. Surrogacy provides families with extra income that can help to improve their lives in ways small and large. Many moms have used it to finance educational opportunities or to buy a new family car.

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