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Gestational Services in Los Angeles Intended Parents Can Rely On

Gestational services in Los Angeles can make a successful journey to parenthood possible for intended parents from throughout Southern California, United States, and worldwide. Global Surrogacy Services has helped countless heterosexual and LGBTQ couples and individuals who dream of starting a new family or growing the one they already have.

Intended parents have many concerns and the path to parenthood via surrogacy can be fulfilling but it is never simple. There are endless medical and legal complexities that may have you worried…though most people tend to focus on the choice of a surrogate. Global Surrogacy Services is committed to ensuring that the process of bringing a new baby into the world goes as smoothly and safely as possible. That’s crucial for the good of the baby, the baby’s new family, and the surrogate herself.  For everyone’s good, we are careful to ensure that surrogates meet certain criteria. Women must be between the ages of 21 to 38, must have given birth previously and had no complications. Also, they must currently have a child at home. Surrogates must also have no history of substance abuse and be a non-smoker in a smoke-free and generally healthy environment.

If having a baby is something you’ve been dreaming of, then it may be time to take action and give yourself the chance to know the joys of parenthood. Global Surrogacy Services has helped countless intended parents. We can assist you too. For additional information, contact Global Surrogacy Services at (800) 355-2009 or visit our contact page.