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A Surrogacy Agency is Crucial for Legal Services

A surrogacy agency doesn’t just help match intended parents and surrogates. Both the medical and the legal aspects of the surrogacy process itself are very complex and can be extremely difficult to navigate without an expert guide. Moreover, it’s important to realize that the legal side of a surrogacy arrangement is absolutely vital to ensure […]

Egg Donation 101

If you’re considering egg donation, you may have questions. Here we’re addressing the most common questions we hear, such as what the benefits are for donating as well as how to become an egg donor. What Are the Benefits to Becoming an Egg Donor? Every individual has their own reasons for choosing to become an […]

Anderson Cooper Thanks Surrogates Everywhere

Famed CNN anchor Anderson Cooper gave the media world a pleasant surprise recently when he announced that he was given the greatest gift of all through gestational surrogacy. Cooper announced the birth of his son, Wyatt Morgan, on April 30th, posting the big announcement on his Instagram page. The CNN anchor wrote that, growing up […]

Infertility: A Public Health Issue Deserving Awareness

Infertility affects millions of Americans across all backgrounds, which is what National Infertility Awareness Week seeks to publicize. From April 19-25, the weeklong campaign brings understanding to the struggles and stigmas that intended parents may face while building their family. It’s a widespread issue that has many causes and denies too many families the ability […]